In collaboration with Venezia Photo and the Rencontres d’Arles I’m proud to present Ann Ray with her project Blind Faith at Ca’Pesaro in Venice until the 15th of June 2019 and a selection from her show in Arles 2018 The Unfinished which can be seen until the 15th of November 2019 on the island San Servolo in Venice.

My profound gratitude goes to the director of the museum of modern art Ca’ Pesaro, Elisabetta Barisoni, for her trust and support.

photo by Ann Ray exhibition Ca Pesaro


“This is my contribution to the world: a license to dream.”

BLIND FAITH is an exhibition of photography by French artist and filmmaker Ann Ray.
Shot over the past fourteen years, the exhibition features numerous encounters between Ray and a wide range of art figures, from actors, writers, choreographers, dancers, filmmakers, composers, as Willem Dafoe, Alexander McQueen and Michail Barysnikov among the others. The photographer’s brief is to pose with the eyes shut, with the intention to convey a subliminal truth, one which demands the silencing of the sight, as a form of interference. It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul but maybe there is another conduit to decipher the most intimate thoughts, dreams and feelings. This is Ray’s attempt to offer an insight into the abstract, the invisible and the unsaid, for a better understanding of human nature.

Press Release About Ann Ray