Gaby Wagner, designer and photographer who entered the glass world in 2000 on the occasion of a collaboration with Laura de Santillana. Fascinated by the glass material, immediately understands the potential and draws some objects that she realizes with Aureliano Toso glass master of Murano. Her glass stones are round and flat shapes, as if they were worn from the water and they are enlivened by the use of gold leaf. Gaby Wagner looks at the ancient how inexhaustible source of inspiration: a formal reference to cleanliness that is well suited to design contemporary, as evidenced by the Mantra lamp, awarded with the British Interior Design award in London in 2006, and the lamps realized in Murano by Diego Dei Rossi. Tireless traveler, Gaby Wagner finds at the National Museum of Cairo the idea for the lamp/candlestick Nile whose clean profile enhances transparency and shades of glass. A noteworthy success meets the essential Flame of gold, one precious table lamp made entirely of blown glass and gold leaf.

ritratto di Gaby Wagner

Overview the works.